Roller Shutters


Domestic and Commercial Shutters

Aluminium shutters are an attractive way to help secure homes, commercial premises and corporate office buildings.

Domestic and Commercial Shutters


Our aluminium shutters from Coroma “Coro Continental” are an attractive way to help secure your home, commercial premises or corporate office buildings. A variety of curtain design options are available, tailored to suit your requirements, from complete privacy to security with a view. They can be manually operated or completely automated for ultimate convenience. Available in a range of colours.

Suitable applications include patios and sliding doors, safe zones, stairways and passages, retail outlets, shop windows, building entrances, hatches, counters, multi-media rooms and holiday or permanent homes that need to be completely closed up.

Shutters can be built-in or retro-fitted. Built-in shutters are integrated into the design of the building and the shutter box is concealed. For retro-fitted shutters, the shutter box is exposed, but is very neat and compact.

Shutters are custom made to fit any opening. When closed they assist with light and climate control. When open, they are inconspicuous and discreet. Vented options allow light and air in.


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