Louvres are designed to regulate airflow or light penetration. Alutec installs a wide variety of louvres for a wide range of applications.

Ajustable Unisert Louvres


For a modern and stylish look, louvre windows provide maximum as well as directional airflow and are easy to maintain.

They can be fitted to any frame or opening and are available in a wide range of colours. Blades can be glass or aluminium and can be individually replaced. Burglar bars are optional.

Fixed Louvres


Fixed Louvres / Vents come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. We supply 3 main types:

Weather Channel Louvres - These are mostly used for outdoor ventilation systems because of their high rate of 'weather-proofing'. Frames are available in equal or unequal profiles and can be square, circular, triangular or any other shape.

Equal Leg Louvres - Door louvres commonly used for interior ventilation. The advantage of this louvre is that you cannot see through it and it offers a degree of sound-proofing. Frames can be square or triangular and are available in equal or unequal profiles

Narrow unequal Leg Louvres - This louvre is highly weather resistant and is commonly used for air-conditioner grill panels. Frames are square and available in equal or unequal profiles.

Customised Aluminium Louvres and Shutters


We supply and custom-make shutters for a variety of applications, including Sliding Shutters, Hinged Shutters, Mock Shutters and Gate Shutters. All shutters are made from stylish aluminium and come in a wide variety of colours.


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