Aluminium Doors

Alutec supplies and installs a wide range of elegant and practical door solutions, including sliding doors, swing doors, frameless glass doors and folding/stacking doors.

Sliding Doors


Open your world with elegant Sliding Doors. These doors offer total design flexibility and are the perfect solution for balcony enclosures, high-rise applications and large constructions. They are sturdily built and provide a high standard of performance and endurance.

We cater for Residential, Commercial and Industrial uses with many options including the number of panels, electrically operated, double glazing, double or triple tracks and deadlocking hook bolts.

Swinging doors


Choose from a variety of beautiful designs or design your own single or double Swing Door, for a more stylish and brighter atmosphere. Our Aluminium swing doors are flexible in design, safety and security. They boast excellent durability and provide solutions for both lower traffic areas and heavy-duty use.

Options include hinged or pivot doors, lock type,electrically-operated mechanisims and double glazing.

Frameless Glass Doors


Our Frameless Glass Door solutions create the perfect flow between indoor and outdoor living with beautiful unobstructed views. Doors can be used in straight, angled or curved applications. They are easy to use with individual panels which stack to one or both sides.

These doors are aesthetically pleasing, weather resistant (different options), 5 times stronger than normal safety glass, retractable and secure.

Folding/stacking aluminium, glass doors


Our Aluminium Folding/Stacking Doors are available for both Domestic and Commercial use.

Domestic use: For an indoor/outdoor lifestyle this door has been designed for easy sliding and a tasteful appearance. The door is fully weatherproof, while still allowing the light to fill your house with brightness and warmth. Stack neatly to one side when you want to bring the outdoors in. Glass can range from 6.38 to 19mm or Double Glazing.

Commercial use: These tough, heavy-duty systems provide the perfect solution for shopfronts and partitions. No floor tracks are required and panels can be neatly stacked to one side. This system is very versatile and allows for height adjustment on doors and tracks, as well as adapting to any layout. Glass can range from 6.38 to 19mm or Double Glazing.


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